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Notes on the Libretto

by Clifton Coles

There are two sources for the text of this version of the libretto. The primary text is the original libretto, from which all dialogue and lyrics come. Reference has been made to the vocal score and some alterations to the libretto have been made based on this source. Both libretto and vocal score were published by Chappell and Co. in 1891.

Beebee's song in act two, "Near thee once more," appears only in the vocal score, which also includes extra verses as follows: Indru's "The sun was setting, cool the day" (third verse), Beebee's "First you take a shapely maiden" (refrain and second verse), Bumbo's "As I sat on my shelf, alone all by myself" (third verse), and Bumbo's "When a fascinating tenor in his fascinating way" (second verse). The vocal score also has a separate line with different words for Punka (beginning "Alas, a-day!") in the final ensemble of act one, as well as assigns the solo line "Away, away,/Ill-fated twain" to Tiffin instead of to Banyan as in the libretto.

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