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The Cast

Sir James Jellicoe Father of Joy Jellicoe Arthur Boielle
Brook Green Suitor of Joy Jellicoe Robert Evett
Puck Mischeivous Fairy Walter Passmore
William Jelf A Sailor Henry A. Lytton
Bill Blake A Sailor Powis Pinder
Will Weatherley A Sailor Charles Childrerstone
Jem Johnson A Sailor Rudolph Lewis
Yapp A Constable M. R. Morand
Mr Reddish Inn Keeper Reginald Crompton
Old Ben George Mudie Jr.
James Doubleday Edwin Bryan
Oberon Alec Fraser
Azuriel A Fairy Ernest Torrence
Recruiting Sergeant F. Percival Stevens
Joy Jellicoe Daughter of Sir James Louie Pounds
Nell Reddish Inn Keepers Daughter Rosina Brandram
Titania A Fairy Olive Rae
Butterfly A Fairy Winifred Hart-Dyke
Moth A Fairy Maude Thornton
Cobweb A Fairy Nancy Pounds
Dragonfly A Fairy Lily Bircham
Peaseblossom A Fairy Constance Drever
Lady Jellicoe Cora Lingard
Kenna A Fairy Lady Agnes Fraser

Scene - Set in Kensington, England.
Time - The Present (1903).

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