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No. 2: Recitative (Mrs. Partlet & Constance)
Aria (Constance)

"Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression?...
When he is here"

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Mrs. Partlet.
Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression?
The village rings with seasonable joy,
Because the young and amiable Alexis,
Heir to the great Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre,
Is plighted to Aline, the only daughter
Of Annabella, Lady Sangazure.
You, you alone are sad and out of spirits;
What is the reason?
Speak, my daughter, speak!

Oh, mother, do not ask! If my complexion
From red to white should change in quick succession,
And then from white to red, oh, take no notice!
If my poor limbs should tremble with emotion,
Pay no attention, mother – it is nothing!
If long and deep-drawn sighs I chance to utter,
Oh, heed them not, their cause must ne'er be known!
Harriet Everard as Mrs Partlet, 1877
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Mrs. Partlet motions to Chorus to leave her with Constance. Exeunt Ladies of Chorus.


Mrs Partlet & Constance (Lorraine Daniels), 1980
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When he is here,
I sigh with pleasure –
When he is gone,
I sigh with grief.
My hopeless fear
No soul can measure –
His love alone
Can give my aching heart relief,
Can give my aching heart relief!
When he is cold,
I weep for sorrow –
When he is kind,
I weep for joy.
My grief untold
Knows no tomorrow –
My grief untold
Knows no tomorrow–
My woe can find
No hope, no solace, no alloy,
No hope, no hope, no solace, no alloy!

When I rejoice,
He shows no pleasure.
When I am sad,
It grieves him not.
His solemn voice
Has tones I treasure –
My heart they glad,
They solace my unhappy lot,
They solace my unhappy lot!
When I despond,
My woe they chasten –
When I take heart,
My hope they cheer;
With folly fond
To him I hasten –
With folly fond
To him I hasten–
From him apart,
My life is very sad and drear,
My life, my life is very sad and drear!

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