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Dialogue following No. 2

Mrs. Partlet. Come, tell me all about it! Do not fear – I, too, have loved; but that was long ago! Who is the object of your young affections?

Constance. Hush, mother! He is here! (Looking off.)

Enter Dr. Daly. He is pensive and does not see them.

Mrs. Partlet. (amazed) Our reverend vicar!

Constance. Oh, pity me, my heart is almost broken!

Mrs. Partlet. My child, be comforted. To such an union I shall not offer any opposition. Take him – hes yours! May you and he be happy!

Constance. But, mother dear, he is not yours to give!

Mrs. Partlet. That's true, indeed!

Constance. He might object!

Mrs. Partlet. He might. But come – take heart – I'll probe him on the subject. Be comforted – leave this affair to
me. (They withdraw.)

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