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Dialogue following No. 23

Dr. Daly. (coming forward). Hold! Be just. This poor child drank the philtre at your instance. She hurried off to meet you – but, most unhappily, she met me instead. As you had administered the potion to both of us, the result was inevitable. But fear nothing from me – I will be no man’s rival. I shall quit the country at once – and bury my sorrow in the congenial gloom of a Colonial Bishopric.

Alexis. My excellent old friend! (Taking his hand – then turning to Mr. W ells, who has entered with Lady Sangazure.) Oh, Mr. Wells, what, what is to be done?

Mr. Wells. I do not know – and yet – there is one means by which this spell may be removed.

Alexis. Name it – oh, name it!

Mr. Wells. Or you or I must yield up his life to Ahrimanes. I would rather it were you. I should have no hesitation in sacrificing my own life to spare yours, but we take stock next week, and it would not be fair on the Co.

Alexis. True. Well, I am ready!

Aline. No, no – Alexis – it must not be! Mr. Wells, if he must die that all may be restored to their old loves, what is to become of me? I should be left out in the cold, with no love to be restored to!

Mr. Wells.True – I did not think of that. (To the others) My friends, I appeal to you, and I will leave the decision in your hands.

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