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Ruth Vincent as Laine
  Dear Mary Mother, unto thee I bring
    A poor maid's prayer!
  I am a crooked, wan, misshapen thing,
    And may not dare
  To lift mine eyes to thine, lest haply so
Thy heart should find no pity left to spare
    For all my woe!

  Mother of Jesu, at thy feet I cry;
    I do but crave for love
      That so my heart may live,
        Else what am I?
    Nay, and if God above
      Hath naught of love to give,
        I fain would die!
Mother of Jesu,
I fain would die!

To Him who gave the rose its vermeil hue
  'Twere vain to pray
That He should make this body straight and new
  And fair alway.
Sooth, that were vain, yet thou canst bid God send —
Whereas the night-time endeth every day —
  My day may end!

  Mother of Jesu, at thy feet I cry;
    For well I wis 'tis so;
      Love sorts but with the fair,
        And naught am I!
    Wherefore I fain would go,
      Praying but this one prayer,
        That I may die!
Mother of Jesu,
Ah, let me die!

As LAINE ends her appeal, one of the shutters becomes transparent and a diabolical-looking face, with a red glow upon it, is seen leering at her. After a moment the face vanishes, and there are three distinct raps upon the door.

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