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Dialogue following No. 15b

SAIDA appears, entering by the pathway. The sun has now got up, brightening the landscape.

DEVIL. Sweet lady?

SAIDA. The fool is obstinate.

DEVIL. Alack!

SAIDA. He doth whine and moan, and declare that to confess his secret would put him into danger of losing the very gift that procured him my favour. My favour! my hate!

DEVIL. Nay, hide you that. Take him to the castle, give him further appetite for your kisses, yet starve him by persistent denial. And ere a week has sped — well, I have oft heard what women can do in my country.

SAIDA. To the castle?


SAIDA. Sir Count, forget ye the lord Philip?

DEVIL. Ah, you know not —

From the castle comes the sound of a prolonged blast of trumpets.

SAIDA. Why do the trumpets sound?

GUNTRAN, decked for war, some Knights who are also in armour, and a Standard-bearer with a standard, enter from the road leading to the castle and cross to the town-gate,
where they knock violently.
JACQUELINE wakes, rises, and creeps away up to the

SAIDA. Guntran! what is't?

GUNTRAN. What is't, madam! why, naught but that Philip of Mirlemont hath of a sudden lost his taste for lollipops and is a man once more.

SAIDA. Sir — !

GUNTRAN (knocking). Ho, gate-keeper! rub the sleep from thine eyes! (To the Standard-bearer.) Unfurl thy standard, knave! (To SAIDA.) Yea, by St. Luke, we are for
charging all true citizens to throw down their tools of trade and follow their new-wakened lord. What, keeper! (The clank of chains is heard, and the sound of the lifting of the

SAIDA. Follow! whither?

GUNTRAN. To Maestricht, to do battle for the Prince Bishop. (To the Knights.) Cry Philip! Philip of Mirlemont! (Seizing the standard.) the Lion of Flanders!

KNIGHTS. Philip of Mirlemont! the Lion of Flanders! Philip of Mirlemont!

DEVIL (to SAIDA). See ye now? what is to hinder thee from holding a new lover snug to thy side?

SAIDA. To Maestricht! Philip!

DEVIL. Aye, and when he returns, warm with victory, 'tis thy beauty, freshened by the magic charm the weaver shall yield ye, will draw him to thee again.

The town-bells ring out. SIMON enters from the path-way, and stands gazing at SAIDA.

SAIDA (lightly). Ah! (Plucking a flower and giving it to him.) For thee, Simon. The morning dew lies upon it, and upon me.

SIMON. Lady, you pardon me?

SAIDA. That do I.

SIMON. And will count me thy slave and leman?

SAIDA. Nay, that cannot be, for I have perceived thou lovest me not.

SIMON. Dearer that I do love this earth that springs anew beneath my feet.

SAIDA. Why then, to love is to yield; therefore give me up thy secret.

SIMON. I cannot — I cannot.

SAIDA. Quit my side then, and knock no more at my heart. I knew not man could be so cruel.

JOAN and LAINE enter, through the gate, searching for SIMON.

JOAN (to LAINE). He is here. (Approaching SIMON.) Husband!

LAINE (going to SIMON). Father!

SIMON (waving them from him). Away!

JOAN. I am thy wife.

LAINE. I thy daughter.

SIMON. Get ye gone, I say!

The trumpets sound near at hand, and PHILIP enters, from the castle, accompanied by
the rest of his Knights and the Lords of Sirault, Velaines, and St. Sauveur and their Knights. All are in war array.

SAIDA (intercepting PHILIPspeaking into his ear). Philip!

PHILIP. Farewell.

SAIDA. Nay, not farewell.

PHILIP. I have said it, Saida. Beauty and Love have held me in soft embrace overlong. No more! Farewell!

SAIDA. But a little while and thou shalt kiss that word from my memory. Philip, thou dost deceive thyself.


SAIDA. I tell thee thou hast not wearied of beauty, wilt never weary of it; for the nonce, 'tis beauty that hath fled from my side. (Clutching his arm.) List! when thou return'st I will show thee such beauty in myself as will make thy innermost soul drunk with love again.

PHILIP. Saida!

SAIDA. By all thy Saints, I swear it!

There are cried of "Philip of Mirlemont!" and GUNTRAN and his companions return.
A crowd of townspeople follow, headed by
NICHOLAS and the Aldermen.

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