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Scene 1

MIDI Symbol

The Terrace of the Castle. In the centre stands an ample, cushioned seat. On the right
and left is an archway; and, at the back, from one archway to the other, runs a
balustrade from which spring pillars supporting the roof. Beyond is a view of the
Wall and Town of Mirlemont, as seen from a height. The sun shines hotly

From without, as if from some distance below the castle, comes the sound of
LAINE's voice.

No. 17a: INTRODUCTION & SONG (Laine)

  An hour agone 'twas the moon that shone —
    Oh, for the moon on the city wall! —
  But the night is done, and now one by one
The banners are set afloat in the sun —
    Oh, for the sun on the city wall!

  Yet night and day I kneel and pray
    At the foot of the castle stair;
  Then tell me, I pray, ye gallants gay —
    Ah, tell me, ye ladies fair! —
  If your lord should chance to ride this way,
    Would he list to a poor maid's prayer?

During the song, the SENESCHAL enters, from the right. Attracted by the voice,
he goes to the balustrade and looks down at the singer

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