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Sullivan's Instrumental and Chamber Music dates from the late 1850's, when he was a student in Leipzig, and the 1860's when the young composer was making his name with his earliest songs and orchestral pieces. Whilst in the single movement string quartet, written about the time of his seventeenth birthday, Sullivan shows remarkable inspiration and maturity for his age, the piano pieces written on his return to London were clearly directed at a more popular market and, like many of his early songs, surely intended to generate much needed income. Reviewing Day Dreams in 1867, The Musical Times commented on Sullivan's "rarest gift of being able to produce trifles expressed with special value and marked character."

The MIDI files on this page were sequenced by Paul Howarth.

Piano Solo, 1857, unpublished.

Capriccio No. 2
Piano Solo (unfinished), 1857, unpublished.

String Quartet
Performed at Leipzig, May 1859. Published 2000 by Kevin Mayhew.

Romance in G minor
For string quartet, 1859. Published 1964.

Two pieces for piano solo, Published by Cramer, 1862.
MIDI file of No. 1 [8KB 2' 00"] MIDI file of No. 2 [9KB 1' 42"]
Download the score. [pdf file, 701KB]

An Idyll
For Cello and Piano. Composed in 1865 and published in the Souvenir of the Charing Cross Hospital Bazaar, 1899.
Download the score. [pdf file, 236KB]

Allegro Risoluto
Piano solo, 1866. Published by Chappell, 1974.

Based on the theme of Hushed was the Bacon from Cox and Box but containing additional material.

Day Dreams
Six pieces for piano solo. Published by Boosey, 1867.
MIDI file of No. 1 [5KB 1' 40"] MIDI file of No. 2 [10KB 2' 17"]
MIDI file of No. 3 [6KB 2' 38"] MIDI file of No. 4 [18KB 3' 31"]
MIDI file of No. 5 [11K 3' 02"] MIDI file of No. 6 [18KB 3' 08"]

Download the score. [pdf file, 1.7MB]
The autograph manuscript of Nos. 1 & 2 can be viewed on line at the Pierpont Morgan Library site.

Duo Concertante
Cello and piano. Published by Lamborn Cock, 1868.
Download the score: Piano part, Cello part

Piano solo. Published by Chappell, 1868.
Download the score. [pdf file, 274KB]

All the pieces on this page except Scherzo and Cappriccio No. 2 have been recorded on SOMMCD 233.

The Amber Ring has published scores of the "Romance in g minor for string quartet", "An Idyll for cello and piano", and three pieces from "Day Dreams" (orchestrated by Fink and Gordon-Powell).

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