The Chieftain
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First Night Cast

Count Vasquez de GonzagoMr. Courtice Pounds
Peter Adolphus Grigg
A British tourist in search of the picturesque
Mr. Walter Passmore
Ferdinand de Roxas
Chieftain of the Ladrones, disguised as Pietro Slivinski, a Polish courier
Mr. Scott Fische
1st Lieutenant of the Ladrones
Mr. Richard Temple
2nd Lieutenant of the Ladrones
Mr. M. R. Morand
Pedro Gomez
Consulting lawyer, astrologer, and keeper of the archives of the Ladrones
Mr. Scott Russell
BlazzoMr. Bowden Haswell
EscateroMr. Powis Pinder
A goatherd
Master Snelson
Inez de Roxas
Chieftainess of the Ladrones
Miss Rosina Brandram
Mrs. Grigg, Peter A. Grigg's wife
Miss Florence Perry
The dancing girl of the Ladrones
Miss Emmie Owen
MaraquitaMiss Edith Johnston
AnnaAda Newall
ZitellaMiss Beatrice Perry
NinaMiss Ethel Wilson
An English lady engaged to Count Vasquez;
and in Act 2 the Countess de Gonzago
Miss Florence St. John

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