The Chieftain
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No. 1: INTRODUCTION & SONG - Vasquez

[The scene is laid in the picturesque village of Dehesas, on the River Sil. The Sil produces gold in sufficient quantity to supply the local peasantry with trinkets, and to enable them to do a very fair trade with these ornaments in outside markets. The River Sil, famed alike for its excellent fishing and its undiminished supply of gold sand, runs for nearly two miles through the extensive property of the fortunate Count de Gonzago. The Posada de Reina is the only inn in this valley where adventurous tourists will find a comparatively comfortable lodging. It is to this hostelrie that the Courier takes the English travellers, Mr. and Mrs. Grigg, as it is on the direct road to the Chateau Gonzago. The legend of the River Sil, telling how the gold was a gift from the gods, is here told by the Peasants to the Countess Rita, who, during her residence in Spain, has mastered the ancient traditions of the country. (Burnand)]

SCENE. -- Exterior of a Posada, the "Piela de Oro," in the picturesque village of Dehesas on the River Sil. Picturesque bridge crosses stream at back leading off L.4.E. Distant landscape. Early morning of a lovely day.

Enter COUNT VASQUEZ over bridge with gun a la chasseur, and sings under RITA's window.

MIDI FILE [13KB, 2' 29"]

"Wake, then awake, fly away, come with me,
Up in the morning early,"
Thus carolled a lark to an owl in a tree,
Up in the morning early.
But blinked the owl, drowsily shaking his head,
Then chuckled a slug to a mole that he led,
"You'll never catch me from my flowery bed -
Up in the morning early,
Up in the morning early."

Away flew the lark ere the carol was done,
Up in the morning early,
Alas! to be shot by a man with a gun,
Up in the morning early.
At night when the slug swaggered out for a stroll,
Then down pounced the owl and devoured him whole,
"The moral is, never to be," quoth the mole,
Up in the morning early,
Up in the morning early."

Exit into Inn.

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