The Chieftain
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Oh, Peter, you are a hero!

ALL: (warmly)

I never knew you could ride.

No more did I. It was an inspiration! -- but a painful experience.

You ought to publish your adventures! It's a thrilling sensational romance!

It is! You would scarcely have recognized me if you had seen me after that desperate equestrian performance. I was quite a Rider Haggard.

And this Inez, this Sancho, this Pedro, the brigands you mentioned - are they all - dead?

Well, I think we may safely speak of them as "the departed."

FERDINAND goes up and off R.2.E.

Bravo! My wife and I are going to inspect the gold-washing on my property down the stream, at the mill yonder. (pointing off L.H.)

Join us as soon as you can.

With pleasure!

Exeunt VASQUEZ and RITA L.2.E.

If my husband isn't ready I won't wait for him - (to GRIGG and embracing him as she passes on) for even heroes do take a long time at their toilet.

My dear, my motto is "Ready, aye ready" in a few minutes.

Exit DOLLY into Inn.

What a lucky escape! The brigand episode all over, and nothing will ever be heard of it again! I came to Spain a nobody; I shall leave it a hero!

Exit into Posada R.H. gaily humming the refrain of his song in Act I.

FERDINAND returns R.2.E., carrying a canvas bag and a sieve.

So! The band of the Ladrones has broken up! Sancho, José, gone! and my wife Inez, too! Ah! I shall never look upon her again. I hope not, I'm sure. And now I'm free. Under the disguise of Pietro Slivinski, the Polish courier, no one will detect the once bold Captain of the Ladrones, Ferdinand de Roxas! As courier to these simple foreigners I can make my way to England, and once there, the funds of the Ladrones which I safely invested in my own pockets, will be of material assistance. Now to try a little gold-washing. It is not often one has the chance of making a pile and coming out of the transaction with clean hands. (As he is speaking the above he has been turning up his sleeves.) A few moments ago I shouldn't have dared to expose these tattoo marks. Aha! (going up to boat) and now I can once again fearlessly sing my favourite "Caballero Capitano" without danger of the harmony being disturbed by an unwelcome chorus.

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