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No. 9: QUINTET - Juanita, Inez, Pedro, Sancho & José

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Enter from over bridge, and at back, and down, PEDRO GOMEZ, SANCHO, JOSE, JUANITA, and INEZ; JOSE as Secretary, Treasurer, and Apothecary; SANCHO as Maitre d'Hotel and Travelling Physician; PEDRO GOMEZ as the Lady's Legal Adviser, Attorney, Solicitor, and Private Astrologer; JUANITA as First Singing and Dancing Lady of the Bedchamber; INEZ as a Grand Lady of Spain.

There's no one, I'm certain,
Would know me again,
Disguised as a typical lady of Spain;
Regular gad-about,
Me they're all mad about,
I'm so delightfully gay.
Smiles comprehensible!
None are insensible!
Quite indefensible
Conduct they say.
Arm in arm linkingly,
Flirting unthinkingly,
"Isn't she gay?"

Appointed her private physician I am,
Small doses prescribing in raspberry jam,
They call me a quack; 'tis
Because of my practice.
Now is this prescription a sham?
Take tannic phosphoric,
Pil: hum paregoric,
Cum aqua caloric,
Benzoic sulphas,
Mistura Manilla,
And back Isinglass!

And I am her chaplain and maître d'hôtel,
An employment that suits me extremely well,
Part of my office, I
Have got to prophesy
And to foretell the events of the day,
To foretell the events of the day.

I'm lady in waiting,
I'm leading soubrette,
I'm of the Imperial ballet the pet,
Sweepingly, peepingly,
Whirlingly, twirlingly,
Three simple ladies in one!
Flittering, fluttering,
Compliments uttering,
Artful in buttering,
Second to none.
Smilingly, wilingly,
Sweetly beguilingly
Rilingly too, but in fun!


I'm lady in waiting, There's no one, I'm certain, I'm her I'm the Pare-
I'm leading soubrette, Would know me again, chaplain, Secre- -goric
I'm of the Imperial Disguis'd as a typical Maître -tary Folphos-
ballet the pet, lady of Spain d'hôtel, Wary, -phoric
Sweepingly, peepingly, Regular gadabout, I fore- And a- Ad a-
Whirlingly, twirlingly, Me they're all mad about -tell and -po-the- -quas Ca-
Three simple ladies in one. I'm so delightfully gay. make it pay. -cary gay. -loricas.
Ah! Smiles compre-
Part of my
office, I
I'm the se-
Tannic phos-
-phoric, Pil:
None are in- have got to And apo- hum pare-
Ah! Quite in-de- And to fore- apothe- aqua cal-
-fensible -tell the ev- -cary Both -oric, Ben-
Conduct they
-vents of the
wary and
-zoic sul-
Smilingly, Arm in arm Making as- Bursar and Sarsapa-
wilingly, linkingly, -trlogy, pursar, Both -rilla, Mis-
Sweetly be- Flirting un- 'Lectro-bi- paying and -tura Man-
-guilingly, -thinkingly, -ology weighing all -nilla, Va-
Rilingly Winkingly, And demon- drugs, bills, Draughts, -nilla, And
too, but in "Isn't she -ology pills all the back Isin-
fun! gay?" pay. day! -glass!
Ah, la la Ah, la la Ah, la la Ah, la la Ah, la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la! la la la la! la la la la! la la la la! la la la la!
Ah,la la Ah, la la Ah, la la Ah, la la Ah, la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la! la!

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