All This Night


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Words by William Austin.

An arrangement of an old carol.
Published in Christmas Carols, Old and New by Novello, 1870.

All this night bright angels sing;
Never was such carolling.
Hark, a voice which loudly cries:
"Mortals, mortals wake and rise;"
Lo! to gladness
Turns your sadness;
From the earth is risen a Sun;
Shines all night, though day be done.

Angels "Wake, O earth, wake everything!
Wake and hear the joy I bring;
Wake and joy for all this night,
Heaven and every twinkling light,
All amazing,
Still stand gazing;
Angels, powers, and all that be,
Wake, and joy this Sun to see!"

Hail, O Sun! O blessed Light,
Sent into this world by night;
Let Thy rays and heavenly powers
Shine in these dark souls of ours;
For most duly,
Thou art truly
God and Man, we do confess;
Hail, O Sun of Righteousness!

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