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Dialogue following Nos. 7 & 8

Lord Lieutenant.
I may suppose, I think, that any one
Who saw me standing thus would be deceived,
And think I am a King!

No, not deceived.
You are a King and I'm a Queen, my lord.
The only difference that lies between
Us and all other Kings and Queens is this -
We are more dignified!

Lord Lieutenant.
Much more. I am
The only King, or representative
Of Royalty (outside the characters
Of Shakespeare's plays) who makes a special point
Of talking in blank verse, and who insists
That every member of his family
And household shall converse in blank verse too!
Sir - Doctor Fiddle -

Dr. Fiddle.
Yes, your Excellency!

Lord Lieutenant.
Go and enquire if one Professor Bunn
Has yet arrived: I am expecting him.
(To Countess) Professor he of elocution:
And with his elocutionary art
He mingles parlour magic. In a word,
He'll make a pudding in your hat - not mine -
Extract a rabbit from your pocket, or
An egg from your back hair.

'Tis false!

Lord Lieutenant.
I mean
He could - not necessarily he will.
I have engaged him for our Infant Schools:
He'll interest the children. Send him here
At once.

Dr. Fiddle.
I'll put my best foot forward.

Lord Lieutenant.
Not forward - go out backwards, if you please. (Exit Fiddle.)
I think it rather odd the peasantry
Do not assemble when we come and go
To cheer us.

Yes. But let us cheer ourselves!
Can we not form a Royal group of two -
A family group in studied attitudes
Of dignity combined with perfect grace,
Such as a Royal Portrait Painter loves?
You standing there, the left leg well advanced
To show the calf: your elbow resting on
A marble pillar (we'll imagine that,
Also a curtain and a thunder-cloud
Behind.) That's exquisite! (Stands contemplating him.)

Terence and Rosie enter at back.

(aside) Go! Fly to your hiding place - to Carrig-Cleena!

To-morrow - you will meet me to-morrow?

Yes! (They kiss. Exit Terence.)

(to Lord Lieutenant) I by your side,
Holding your hand and gazing at you thus - (kneeling)

(coming down) What are you doing?

Showing all the world
That Kings need not depend upon their crowns
For dignity. Some monarchs have, I know,
In English history - who when dethroned
Forgot their pride; but we should not!

Lord Lieutenant.
Not we!

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