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No. 10: Song (Rosie)

Music by Edward German

MIDI File MIDI File [11KB, 2' 34"]

Rosie Rosie.
O setting sun,
You bid the world good-bye!
Your course is nearly run,
And soon the day will die!
Night, with gentle sigh,
With gentle sigh,
Will spread her pall,
Will spread her pall!
Hope was my sun,
That crossed a summer sky!
My day is nearly done,
The night already nigh:
Love's a laugh - a sigh - laugh - a sigh -
And that is all,
And that is all.

Not so, not so, my doubting heart!
Although the sun depart,
Although the sun depart
And leave the earth in sorrow;
Not so, not so,
My doubting heart!
Despair, despair is but to-night.
Is there to be no light,
No light upon the morrow?
Not so, my doubting heart,
Not so, not so,
My doubting heart,
My doubting heart,
Not so, not so!

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