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No. 25: Song (Murphy)

Music by Edward German

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Good-bye, my native town —
Wrapped in your summer gown,
No tears are running down
Your pretty face,
You cannot feel nor hear,
Why should you shed a tear?
How can you know how dear, how dear
I hold this place?

It's only you and I
That have to say good-bye;
Ah! won't you heave one sigh
When I depart?
Why do you look so gay?
Why do you look so gay? so gay?

Murphy (Henry Lytton) and Molly (Louie Pounds)
in the original production.

Won't you pretend to say
"Pat, if ye go away,
I'll break my heart,
I'll break my heart"?

Good-bye, my native place —
Almost a human face,
Almost a woman's grace
You have for me.
You know there's never been
One word of love between
Me and a real colleen —
There'll never, there'll never be.
Good-bye! Good-bye! Good-bye! Good-bye!

Murphy.(spoken) Won't you be saying "Good-bye", Molly?
Molly.(spoken) No, Pat.
Murphy.(spoken) It's only a little word.
Molly.(spoken) Yet its a mighty big lump it makes in my throat wid stickin' there! I'll not say "Good-bye", Pat, because —
Murphy.(spoken) Yes, dear —
Molly.(sings) Because I love you!

No. 26: Duet (Molly and Murphy)

Music by Edward German

I love you! I love you!
What joy can compare
With all the sweet madness
That lovers may share?
For an ocean of sadness
A world of despair,
Are lost in "I love you,
I love you, my darlin', I do!"

Ah! where is the world, dear,
The world that we knew,
The old world, the cold world,
Before I met you?
We've done with the old world,
We're off to the new —
Because, dear, I love you,
I love you, my darlin', I do!

Our love is our new world,
A world of our own,
Where I may be queen, dear,
Because we're alone;
Though our home may be mean, dear,
I'll sit on a throne,
Because I love you!

I love, I love you!
I love, I love you, I love you!
I love! What joy can compare
What joy can With all the sweet madness
compare, That lovers may share?
With all For an ocean of sadness,
A world of despair
the madness That lovers Are lost in "I love you,"
may share, That lovers I love you,
may share, That lovers, Are lost in "I love you,"
that lovers may share? Are lost in I love!
I love you, I love you! I love you, I love you!

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