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  • The composition and first performance of The Golden Legend.


  • The plot of The Golden Legend, by Joseph Bennett.



  • IMSLP has the full score (autograph?) available as a PDF file


The immense popularity of this work after its production at the 1886 Leeds Festival is born out by the large number of perfromances noticed in The Times in the years immediately following:

However, the two performances in Berlin in March 1887 did not meet with the approval the German critics.

MIDI Files

Prologue "Hasten, hasten"
Scene 1 "I cannot sleep"
Scene 2 "Slowly, slowly... O gladsome light... My Redeemer and my Lord"
Scene 3 "Onward and onward... The night is calm and cloudless"
Scene 4 "My guests approach"
Scene 5 "Who is it coming... Virgin, who lovest the poor and lowly"
Scene 6 "We are alone"
Epilogue "God sent His messenger, the rain"