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The Medical School at Salerno, Lucifer dressed as a doctor.

  My guests approach! There is in the air
An odour of innocence and of prayer!
I cannot breathe in such an atmosphere;
My soul is filled with nameless fear,
That after all my restless endeavour,
The most ethereal, most divine,
Will escape from my hands for ever and ever.
But the other is already mine.

Enter Prince Henry and Elsie, with attendants.

Prince Henry
  Can you direct us to Friar Angelo?
  He stands before you.
Prince Henry
  Then you know our purpose.
I am Prince Henry of Hoheneck, and this
The maiden that I spake of.
  Does she
Without compulsion, of her own free will,
Consent to this?
Prince Henry
  Against all opposition.
She will not be persuaded.
Lucifer (to Elsie)
  Have you thought well of it?
  I come not here to argue,
But to die.
  O pure in heart, O pure in heart!
From thy sweet dust shall grow
Lilies, upon whose petals will be written
"Ave Maria" in characters of gold!
O pure in heart, O pure in heart,
O pure in heart, O pure in heart!

Lucifer leads Elsie away
Elsie (to the Attendants)
  Weep not, my friends! rather rejoice with me,
I shall not feel the pain, but shall be gone,
And you will have another friend in heaven,
Weep not, weep not.
There is no more to say, let us go in.
Prince Henry
  Not one step further!
I only meant to put thy courage to the proof.
Friar Angelo! I charge you on your life,
Believe not what she says, for she is mad,
She is mad.
  Alas! Prince Henry!
  Come with me this way.

Elsie goes in with Lucifer, who thrusts Prince Henry back, and closes the door.

Prince Henry
  Gone, and the light of all my life gone with her!
A sudden darkness falls upon the world.
(to the Attendants)
Why did you not lay hold on her and keep her
From self destruction?
Prince Henry Attendants
Angelo! Angelo!

Struggles at the door, but cannot open it.

Elsie (within)
  Farewell, dear Prince, farewell!
Prince Henry & Attendants Lucifer
Unbar the door!  
  It is too late!
Unbar the door!  
  It is too late!
It shall not be too late!
It shall not be too late!
It shall not be too late, too late!
Unbar the door.
  Too late,
Unbar the door.  
  Too late!
It shall not be too late!
It shall not be too late!

They burst the door open and rush in.

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