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Review of a Performance at the Albert Hall from The Times
Saturday, December 5, 1908.

The Royal Choral Society relied upon an old favourite for their concert on Thursday evening at the Albert-hall. Sullivan’s Golden Legend is a work which has enjoyed a popularity out of all proportion to its merits, and it is quite likely that the mere swing of the pendulum will cause it to be almost forgotten in the near future, which would be a pity, for it contains some of the composer’s best work; while from the point of view merely of orchestral colour and effect it is always interesting.

Hence our best thanks are due to Sir Frederick Bridge for securing an excellent performance of the work in London. The enormous chorus kept the pitch remarkably well, all things considered, and sang with considerable expression, especially in the first three scenes. The solos also were in capable hands, Miss Perceval Allen, as Elsie, and Mr. Ben Davies, as Prince Henry, distinguishing themselves especially.

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