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Review of a Performance from The Times
Saturday, October 25, 1890.


In the evening the largest audience of the week was attracted by Sir Arthur Sullivan’s masterpiece The Golden Legend.

The lovers were represented, as on many previous occasions, by Mme. Albani and Mr. Lloyd; Mr. Bantock Pierpoint sang the music of Lucifer with much energy, and Mme. Hope Glenn was sympathetic as Ursula.

The miscellaneous part of the concert began with a fine performance of Schubert’s unfinished symphony, and closed with Wagner’s “Kaisermarsch,” in the final portion of which the choir sang the noble and vigorous song of triumph, in which, according to the composer’s directions, the audience should have joined. The same master’s Walkürenritt completed the instrumental part of the programme. Vocal solos were contributed by the artists who took part in The Golden Legend.

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