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Monday, March 27, 1893.

On Friday evening a new song for Dorothy was introduced into Haddon Hall, in place of the tenor song, “The earth is fair,” and the subsequent duet. Both words and music are extremely graceful, and, although the latter conforms to a well-worn type, it is not commonplace. It was admirably sung by Miss Lucille Hill, and met with much success.

Sir Arthur Sullivan’s opera is now preceded by a piece of the usual extremely light order, Mr. Jericho, by Harry Greenbank and Ernest Ford; both words and music are cast in a mould which has become only too familiar at this theatre, and the former at least are sufficiently droll to serve their purpose. The jam-manufacturer with his patter-song, the Earl in reduced circumstances, whose handsome son becomes an omnibus driver, and the rest are the legitimate descendants of the early Gilbert librettos, and in like manner the music, from the tenor song (adaptable to either serious or comic words with pleasing impartiality) to the anthem-like quintet, is on strictly Sullivanesque lines.

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