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Review from The Times
Monday, August 12, 1878.

Some of the incidental music in Henry VIII., composed by Mr. Sullivan for a revival of Shakespeare’s play at Manchester, to which, not very long since, we were introduced at the Crystal Palace, was a welcome feature of the programme. The selection comprised the pompous “Intoduzione Marziale” (Why not Martial Introduction?), the piquant “Graceful Dance,” which occupies the place of orchestral prelude to H.M.S. Pinafore (sic) , and the delicious “Slow water music.” The last of these, if the cornet-á-piston, so skilfully handled by Mr. Howard Reynolds, was played at a distance (or “muffled”) – an expedient frequently resorted to – would have double the effect. As it is, the loud tones of the solo instrument are in too strong contrast with the soft orchestral strains representing the “water music,” of which they should naturally form a component item.

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