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Published in “Church Hymns, with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874, where it was listed as being an original tune by Sullivan for that work.
In subsequent editions (1875 and 1881), it is listed as an arrangement.

1 Winter reigneth o’er the land,   2 Yet it seemeth but a day
    Freezing with its icy breath,       Since the summer flowers were here,
  Dead and bare the tall trees stand;     Since they stacked the balmy hay,
    All is chill and drear as death.       Since they reaped the golden ear.
3 Sunny days are past and gone:   4 Life is waning; life is brief;
    So the years go, speeding fast,       Death, like winter, standeth nigh:
  Onward ever, each new one     Each one, like the falling leaf,
    Swifter speeding than the last.       Soon shall fade and fall and die.
5 But the sleeping earth shall wake,   6 So, Lord, after slumber blest
    And the flowers shall burst in bloom,       Comes a bright awakening,
  And all nature, rising, break     And our flesh in hope shall rest
    Glorious from its wintry tomb.       Of a never-fading spring. Amen.
      William Walsham How, 1871.

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