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Composed for “Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874.

1 Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord,
And drink the holy Blood for you outpour’d.
  2 Saved by that Body and that holy Blood,
With souls refresh’d, we render thanks to God.
3 Salvation’s Giver, Christ, the Only Son,
By His dear Cross and Blood the victory
  4 Offer’d was He for greatest and for least,
Himself the Victim, and Himself the Priest.
5 Victims were offer’d by the law of old,   6 He, Ransomer from death, and Light from
  Which in a type this heavenly mystery told.       shade,
Now gives His holy grace His saints to aid.
7 Approach ye then with faithful hearts sincere.
And take the safeguard of salvation here.
  8 He, that His saints in this world rules and
        To all believers life eternal yields;
9 With heavenly bread makes them that hunger 10 Alpha and Omega, to Whom shall bow
    whole,     All nations at the Doom, is with us now. Amen.
  Gives living waters to the thirsting soul.      
        John Mason Neale, 1818 - 66.

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