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To MIDI File Golden Sheaves  

( Iambic)

Composed for “Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874.

1 To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise   2 And now, on this our festal day,
    In hymns of adoration,       Thy bounteous hand confessing,
  To Thee bring sacrifice of praise     Before Thee, thankfully we lay
    With shouts of exultation;       The first-fruits of Thy blessing.
  Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,     By Thee the souls of men are fed
    The hills with joy are ringing,       With gifts of grace supernal;
  The valleys stand so thick with corn     Thou who dost give us earthly bread,
    That even they are singing.       Give us the bread eternal.
3 We bear the burden of the day,   4 Oh, blessèd is that land of God
    And often toil seems dreary;       Where saints abide for ever,
  But labour ends with sunset ray,     Where golden fields spread far and broad,
    And rest comes to the weary:       Where flows the crystal river.
  May we, the angel-reaping o’er,     The strains of all its holy throng
    Stand at the last accepted,       With ours to-day are blending;
  Christ’s golden sheaves for evermore     Thrice blessèd is that harvest song
    To garners bright elected.       Which never hath an ending. Amen.

William Chatterton Dix, 1837 - 98.

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