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Adapted from an older melody and published in “Church Hymns with Tunes”, S.P.C.K., 1874.

Last verse thus:

1 With the sweet word of peace   2 With the calm word of prayer
    We bid our brethren go;       We earnestly commend
  Peace as a river to increase,     Our brethren to Thy watchful care,
    And ceaseless flow.       Eternal Friend!
3 With the dear word of love   4 With the strong word of faith
    We give our brief farewell;       We stay ourselves on Thee;
  Our love below, and Thine above     That Thou, O Lord, in life and death
    With them shall dwell.       Their Help shalt be.
5 Then the bright word of hope   6 Farewell! in hope, and love,
    Shall on our parting gleam,
      In faith, and peace, and prayer;
  And tell of joys beyond the scope
    Till He whose home is ours above
    Of earthborn dream.       Unite us there! Amen.
George Watson, 1816 - 98.

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