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Published in "The Hymnary", Novello, 1872.

1 Safe home, safe home in port!
  2 The prize, the prize secure!
    Rent cordage, shattered deck,       The athlete nearly fell;
  Torn sails, provision short,     Bare all he could endure,
    And only not a wreck;       And bare not always well:
  But O the joy upon the shore
To tell the voyage-perils oer!
    But he may smile at troubles gone
Who sets the victor-garland on.
3 No more the foe can harm:
  4 The exile is at home:
    No more the leaguered camp,       O nights and days of tears!
  And cry of night alarm,     O longings not to roam!
    And need of ready lamp:       Of sins, and doubts, and fears!
  And yet how nearly he had failed,
How nearly had that foe prevailed!
    What matters now griefs darkest day
The King has wiped those tears away.

Joseph the Hymnographer, 9th cent.;
free tr. by John Mason Neale, 1818 - 66.

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