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Printed, from a manuscript found after Sullivan’s death, in “Hymn Tunes Composed by Arthur Sullivan”, Novello, 1902.

These words were specially written for this tune.

1 To mourn our dead we gather here   2 The strife is hushed in peace divine,
    In love and grief to-day;       The earthly task is o’er,
  Oh! thou whom we have held so dear,     Now everlasting rest is thine
    Whom God hath called away —       Upon the heavenly shore.
      Farewell!         Farewell!
    A last farewell we say!       Farewell for evermore!
3 By faith we hear the triumph song   4 Yet through our tears a whisper sweet
    That greets thy ransomed soul,       Falls with a heavenly strain,
  Thy Saviour’s love, through woe and wrong.     What though we part ‘tis but to meet
    IHath led thee to thy goal.       For joy comes after pain!
      Farewell!         Farewell!
    Death’s waves between us roll!       Until we meet again!

5 Across Death’s dim and shadowy sea
    Bright rays of sunrise move,
  From that far Land where we would be —
    The deathless Land of Love!
    We meet again above! Amen.

Mary Bradford Whiting..

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