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Announcement of the Cast from The Times
Friday, December 19, 1890.

Sir Arthur Sullivan’s new opera Ivanhoe has now been definitely cast. There is a double cast, indeed, as the opera will be played six times a week, and the singers who play the heaviest parts will not sing more than three or four times.

The following is the double cast:– Ivanhoe, Mr. Ben Davies and Mr. O’Mara; Cedric the Saxon, Mr. Ffrangcon Davies and Mr. Burgon; Friar Tuck, Mr. Avon Saxon; King Richard, Mr. Norman Salmond and Mr. Franklin Clive; Sir Brian de Bois Guilbert, Mr. Oudin and Mr. Noijé; Prince John, Mr. Richard Green; the Grand Master of the Templars, Mr. Adams Owen; Isaac of York, Mr. Copland; De Bracy, Mr. Charles Kenningham; Locksley, Mr. W. H. Stephens; Rowena, Miss. Lucile Hill and Miss Esther Palliser; Rebecca, Miss Macintyre and Miss Thudichum; UIrica, Miss Marie Groebl.

The opera will be produced early in January, probably about the 10th. The scenery is by Mr. Hawes Craven, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Harker, and Mr. Telbin. The costumes are designed by Mr. Percy Anderson, who has been for so long associated, with such distinction, with the Gilbert-Sullivan successes at the Savoy, and executed by Miss Fisher, Messrs. Cooling and Lawrence, M. Alias, Messrs. Harrison and Co., and Mr. Nathan. The armour is by Gutperle, of Paris. Miss Palliser, who is now playing Gianetta at the Savoy Theatre, shares the part of Rowena with Miss Lucile Hill. Mr. François Cellier will be the musical director, assisted by Mr. Ernest Ford, and Mr. Hugh Moss is the stage manager. The machinery and arrangement of the stage are by Mr. Dando.

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