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The Light of the World

MIDI Files

The First Part

No. 1 Prologue Chorus There shall come forth a rod


No. 2 Introduction and Recitative There were shepherds
No. 3 Chorus of Angels Glory to God
No. 4 Chorus of Shepherds Let us now go even unto Bethlehem
No. 5 Solo (Bass) Blessed art thou
No. 6 Air (Soprano) My soul doth magnify the Lord
No. 7 Sullivan omitted this number
No. 8 Chorus of Shepherds The whole earth is at rest
No. 9 Solo (Contralto) Arise and take the young child
No. 10 Solo (Soprano) & Chorus In Rama was there a voice heard
No. 11 Air (Tenor) Refrain thy voice from weeping
No. 12 Solo (Contralto) Arise and take the young child
No. 13 Chorus I will pour my spirit


No. 14 Solo (Baritone) & Chorus The spirit of the Lord
No. 15 Quintet Doubtless thou art our Father
No. 16 Solo (Baritone) Blessed are they that are persecuted
No. 17 Chorus He maketh the sun to rise


No. 18 Duet (Tenor & Baritone) Lord, behold he whom thou lovest
No. 19 Solo (Contralto) & Chorus Weep ye not for the dead
No. 20 Scena (Soprano & Baritone) Lord, if thou hadst been here
No. 21 Chorus Behold how He loved him
No. 22 Solo (Baritone) Said I not unto thee
No. 23 Chorus The grave cannot praise thee


No. 24 Solos Perceive ye how
No. 25 Chorus of Children Hosanna to the Son of David
No. 26 Air (Soprano) Tell ye the daughter of Zion
No. 27 Chorus of Disciples Blessed be the Kingdom
No. 28 Trio & Chorus Hosanna to the Son of David

The Second Part


No. 29 Overture  
No. 30 Solo (Baritone) When the Son of Man
No. 31 Solos & Chorus Is this not He whom they seek to kill
No. 32 Chorus of Women The hour is come
No. 33 Solo (Baritone) Daughters of Jerusalem
No. 34 Quartet (Unaccompanied) Yea, though I walk through the valley
No. 35 Chorus Men and brethren


No. 36 Recitative (Soprano) Where have they laid Him
No. 37 Aria (Soprano) Lord, why hidest thy face?
No. 38 Recitative Why weepest thou?
No. 39 Aria (Contralto) The Lord is risen
No. 40 Chorus (Unaccompanied) The Lord is risen
No. 41 Solo (Tenor) If ye be risen
No. 42 Final Chorus Him hath God exalted

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