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In May 1880, Lady Folkestone arranged a performance of Romberg's Toy Symphony in aid of the Children's Hospital, Great Ormand Street. This photograph was issued as a souvenir of the event.

From left to right. STANDING: John Stainer, Arthur Chappell, William Kuhe, Louis Engel, Charles Santley, Carl Rosa, John Francis Barnett, August Manns, William Ganz.  SEATED: Joseph Barnby, F.H. Cowen, Albert Randegger, William Cusins, Vicountess Folkestone, Julius Benedict, Hugo Daubert, Jacques Blumental. SEATED BELOW: Arthur Sullivan, Henry Leslie.

The obverse carries facsimile signatures of the participants.

Toy Symphony photograph


David Stone has pointed out that two slightly different photographs were also issued:

Toy Symphony Toy Symphony

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