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The Princess of wales March

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London Bridge on the Night of the Wedding of the Princess of Wales (Holman Hunt)
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The marriage of Edward, Prince of Wales, to Princess Alexandra of Denmark prompted an outpouring of special music to celebrate the occasion. Sullivan composed three pieces: "The Bride from the North", a song with words by Henry Chorley, and two marches. "The Princess of Wales' March" was composed to mark the arrival of the Princess. "The Royal Wedding Grand March" (also published as "The Procession March") were composed to celebrate the wedding itself. All three were dedicated to H.R.H. The Princess of Wales.

On 6 February, Sullivan had written to Charles Salaman (one of the founders, and the Hon. Secretary, of the Musical Society of London):

You know it [the next concert of the M.S.] comes just after the P. of Wales' marriage, &, (as you may probably not know) I am engaged to write a grand March for the occasion, which is to be performed [by] all the military bands on the wedding day." ... "Please consider this strictly private, as no one yet knows about my engagement."

"The Princess of Wales' March" was first performed at a 'Wedding Festival Concert' at the Crystal Palace on 14 March 1863 along with the song, "The Bride from the North" and Sullivan was presented to the Prince of Wales after the concert.

Both marches were published in arrangement for piano by Cramer in 1863.

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