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Dialogue following No. 5

Enter Hassan.

Hassan. Peace be on you!

Girls. And on your Peace!

Rose. We are a party of poor dancers.

Hassan. Ah! I am just going to collect a party of poor cripples. Are there only three of you?

Desire. There is one more.

Rose. Here she comes.

Hassan. The more the merrier!

Enter Honey-of-Life.

Scent. She doesn't look particularly merry. I'm sure she has bad news.

Honey. Oh, I do want my supper! I've had nothing since tea!

Hassan. Poor girl. (Goes to house and claps his hands.)

Desire. (to Honey-of-Life) Have the guards moved?

Honey. No. And I'm starving.

Scent. Then we are still cut off from the palace!

Enter Blush-of-Morning.

Hassan. You shall have supper — anything you like. (To Blush-of-Morning.) Conduct
these ladies within.

Blush. Ladies! I wager they cannot conduct themselves!

Honey. (to Scent-of-Lilies) Come along! (Drums heard.)

Scent. (shuddering) I have no appetite.

Honey. Never mind. I have — enough for two.

Exeunt Scent-of-Lilies and Honey-of-Life with Blush-of-Morning.

Desire. Sir, I will explain our presence.

Hassan. Don't trouble! Read what is written above my door!

Give me enough — for no man needeth more;
He who hath not enough hath less than I,
And, like enough, enough he needeth sore;
But whatsoe'er he need need not pass by —
Mine is the house of Ever Open Door!

My own composition. Some day I may set it to music. In plain Persian it means Welcome whoever you are. Come often and stay late. Peace be on you!

(to Heart's Desire).
"A Book of verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness" —

I have spoken.

Exit Hassan.

Rose. Cannot we go back to the palace?

Desire. When the coast is clear he will tell us — I mean the Story-Teller. Have
patience! (Stands looking off.)

Rose. But I have no patience! Now I am out in the world I am impatient to be back in the palace. And when I was shut up in the palace I was impatient to get out into the world. Now I longed for the chance. I felt like a girl waiting to see her lover!

Desire. So do I! — I mean, so did I!

Exit Heart's Desire.

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