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Dialogue following No. 11

Abdallah. Your boon companions have gone?

Hassan. Why, so they have! How very unbooncompanionable!

Enter Rose-in-Bloom and Slaves, stealthily, with Yussuf, from House.

Abdallah. (to Police). Then arrest those girls!

Rose and Slaves. Us!

Yussuf. Her! Over my dead body first!

Hassan. And over mine second!

Abdallah. (to Hassan). Do you resist the order of the Sultan?

Hassan. I don't say that. But I must say, O Priest, after what has passed between us,
I consider this intrusion most unwarrantable!

Abdallah. Here is your warrant, O Blind One — to bring before the Sultan types of
persons whom you entertain! (To Police.) Arrest the girls.

Desire. What for?

Abdallah. To be brought before the Sultan in the morning.

Rose. (aside). Before the Sultan! We shall lose our heads!

Desire. (aside). Keep your heads now, and I will save them altogether. (Aloud.) O Priest, listen! You are laying your hands on the Sultana!

Abdallah, Yussuf, and Hassan. The Sultana!

Rose. (aside). Why do you tell them that?

Scent. A nice way to save us!

Honey. Now you've done it!

Desire. Not quite! (Aloud.) See — the Royal Signet! I am the Sultana!

Yussuf. You! (Looks overwhelmed, then goes up as if dazed.)

Abdallah. (glancing at ring). It is true.

Hassan. (to Abdallah). I can assure you there is nothing whatever between me and the Sultana.

Abdallah. You can assure the Sultan.

Hassan. I suppose you will tell the Sultan?

Abdallah. I think so. (Stands contemplating.)

Hassan. I thought so. (Stands contemplating.)

Rose. (to Heart's Desire). Why did you tell him that? That you are me!

Desire. Don't you see — the Sultan will think I stole the ring and impersonated you,
while you were at home and in bed.

Abdallah. I shall tell the Sultan in the morning.

Hassan. (to Abdallah). I suppose I shall be executed?

Abdallah. I think so.

Hassan. I thought so. It won't make any difference her having come here against my

Abdallah. Not a bit.

Hassan. No.

Abdallah. Speaking of wills, your will will be executed directly you have been.

Enter Dancing Sunbeam.

Hassan. That will make no difference to me.

Abdallah. It will to me.

Sunbeam. What's this I hear? Police? What does it all mean?

Hassan. The Sultan is going to have me executed. That's all.

Sunbeam. (aside to Abdallah). You've arranged this?

Abdallah. I am going to.

Sunbeam. (in pretended distress). And your poor little wives are to be left widows?

Hassan. Yes. That's all you will be left — a widow.

Abdallah. The rest of the property is to be left to me!

Sunbeam. To you? (Realizing what he means.) Oh! Is this how you have helped me?

Abdallah. The Prophet says, "Providence helps him who helps himself."

Sunbeam. Don't talk to me of Prophets! (To Hassan) Think of your wives! What will
become of them?

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