The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Over the Roof

From The Sapphire Necklace

Words by H. F. Chorley

Composed 1863-4 and published by Cramer & Co., in 1866.


Over the roof and over the wall,
Grow, grow, the jessamine grow.
For ever and ever more white and tall
(No matter the dwelling be high or low!)
For yet palace be lofty and moat be wide
And mailed the bridge and lordly the towers,
There love can prevail over pomp and pride
Like the cherished beauty of those sweet flowers!
Love, love, love.
Love will not alter under the sun
While the woods grow and the waters run!

Down by the meadow, down to the sea
(Flow, flow, the river will flow)
The turf may be green, or wither'd the tree
(But the heat is the same on the cobble below.)
For whatever the season around that deep stream,
Be it snow-white winter or summer hot,
There is love, tho' a wand'rer as some might dream
Who passes and passes, yet changes not.
Ah! Love, love, love.
Love will be master under the sun
While the wood grows and the waters run!

Updated 23 August 2003