On Shore and Sea

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No. 8: CHORUS - "With a Will, O Brothers"

Piano Version
MIDI Icon MIDI File [23K, 1' 44"]
Orchestral Version
MIDI Icon MIDI File [27K, 2' 15"]

With a will, O brothers,
With one will for all,
Think of wives and mothers,
As the oars rise and fall.
Heavy hearts make weary hands,
And heavy ours should be,
Toiling for the Infidel,
Far out at sea.

But there is comfort, brothers,
In life and in death,
Hold to Christian manhood,
Firm in Christian faith.
Faithful hearts make fearless hands,
And faithful hearts have we,
The Christian 'gainst the Infidel,
Chain'd though we be.

Pass the word, my brothers,
Pass it light and low,
Oars will break to weapons,
Chains will weight a blow;
Manly hearts make mighty hands,
It is but one to three,
Then up and on the Infidel:
A blow, and we are free.

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