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For each song, a MIDI file, Karaoke file and score in pdf format is provided. The MIDI files and scores were prepared by Paul Howarth.

To access the Karaoke files, you will need a Karaoke player. It may then be necessary to right click the Karaoke icon and save the file to your hard disk.

Title Words by Date
Absent-minded Beggar, The Rudyard Kipling 1899
Arabian Love Song Percy Bysshe Shelley 1866
Ay de mi, My Bird George Eliot 1874
Bid me at least Goodbye Sydney Grundy 1894
Birds in the Night Lionel H. Lewin 1869
Bride from the North Henry F. Chorley 1863
Care is all Fiddle-dee-dee F. C. Burnand 1874
Chorister, The Fred. E. Weatherly 1876
Christmas Bells at Sea C. L. Kenney 1875
County Guy Walter Scott 1867
Distant Shore, The W. S. Gilbert 1874
Dove Song William Brough 1869
E tu nol sai - see You Sleep G. Mazzucato 1889
Edward Gray Alfred Tennyson 1880
Ever Mrs Bloomfield Moore 1887
First Departure - see The Chorister Rev. E. Munroe 1874
Give Adelaide A. Procter 1867
Golden Days Lionel H. Lewin 1872
Guinevere! Lionel H. Lewin 1872
I Heard the Nightingale Rev. C. H. Townsend 1863
I Wish to Tune my Quiv'ring Lyre Anacreon (trans. Lord Byron) 1868
I Would I were a King V. Hugo (trans. A. Cockburn) 1878
Ich möchte hinaus es jauchzen A. Corrodi 1859
If Doughty Deeds Robert Graham of Gartmore 1866
In the Summers Long Ago J. P. Douglas 1867
Let Me Dream Again B. C. Stephenson 1875
Lied, mit Thränen halbgeschrieben Eichendorff 1861
Life that Lives for You Lionel H. Lewin 1870
Little Darling Sleep Again
(Cradle Song)
anon. 1874
Living Poems H. W. Longfellow 1874
Longing for Home Jean Ingelow 1904
Looking Back Louisa Gray 1870
Looking Forward Louisa Gray 1873
Lost Chord, The Adelaide A. Procter 1877
Love that Loves Me Not, The W. S. Gilbert 1875
Maiden's Story, The Emma Embury 1867
Marquis de Mincepie, The F. C. Burnand 1874
Mary Morison Robert Burns 1874
Moon in Silent Brightness, The Bishop Reginald Heber 1868
Mother's Dream, The Rev. W. Barnes 1868
My Dear and Only Love Marquis of Montrose 1874
My Dearest Heart anon. 1874
My Heart is like a Silent Lute Benjamin Disraeli 1904
My Love - see "There Sits a Bird in Yonder Tree
My Love Beyond the Sea - see "In the Summers Long Ago"
None but I can say Lionel H. Lewin 1872
O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove Jean Ingelow 1868
O Israel Hosea 1855
O Mistress Mine William Shakespeare 1866
O Swallow, Swallow Alfred Tennyson 1900
Oh Sweet and Fair A. F. C. K. 1868
Oh! bella mia - see "Oh! Ma Charmante"
Oh! Ma Charmante Victor Hugo 1872
Old Love Letters S. K. Cowen 1879
Once Again Lionel H. Lewin 1872
Orpheus with his Lute William Shakespeare 1866
River, The anon. 1875
Roads Should Blossom, The anon. 1864
Rosalind William Shakespeare 1866
Sad Memories C. J. Rowe 1869
Sailor's Grave, The H. F. Lyte 1872
St. Agnes' Eve Alfred Tennyson 1879
Shadow, A. Adelaide A. Procter 1886
She is not Fair to Outward View Hartley Coleridge 1866
Sigh no More, Ladies William Shakespeare 1866
Sleep My Love, Sleep R. Whyte Melville 1874
Snow Lies White, The Jean Ingelow 1868
Sometimes Lady Lindsay of Balcarres 1877
Sweet Day So Cool George Herbert 1864
Sweet Dreamer - see "Oh! Ma Charmante"
Sweethearts W. S. Gilbert 1875
Tears, Idle Tears Alfred Tennyson 1900
Tender and True Dinah Maria Mulock 1874
There Sits a Bird on Yonder Tree Rev. C. H. Barham 1873
Thou art Lost to Me anon. 1865
Thou art Weary Adelaide A. Procter 1874
Thou'rt Passing Hence Felicia Hemans 1875
To One in Paradise Edgar Allan Poe 1904
Troubadour, The Walter Scott 1869
Village Chimes, The C. J. Rowe 1870
Weary Lot is Thine, Fair Maid, A Walter Scott 1866
We've Ploughed our Land anon. 1875
When Thou art Near W. J. Stewart 1877
White Plume, The - see "The Bride from the North"
Will He Come? Adelaide A. Procter 1865
Willow Song, The William Shakespeare 1866
You Sleep B. C. Stephenson 1889

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