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Little Darling, Sleep Again
Words anonymous.
Dedicated to Lady Muriel Talbot.
Originally published by Metzler & Co., in 1874.

In 1874, Cramer & Co., published a set of songs by Sullivan entitled The Young Mother, Three Simple Songs. The first two, this song and Ay De Mi with words by George Eliot, are included here. Originally titled simply Cradle Song, this song was re-published by Metzler & Co., in 1876, retitled Little Darling Sleep Again. The third song, The First Departure, with words by Rev. E. Munroe, was also re-published in 1876 by Metzler & Co., with new words by Frederick E. Weatherley, as The Chorister.

Karaoke File

Motherly Love
(Frederick Morgan)
Morgan - Motherly Love
The days are cold, the nights are long,
The north wind sings a doleful song;
Then hush again upon my breast;
All merry things are now at rest,
Save thee, save thee, my pretty love!

The kitten sleeps upon the hearth;
The crickets long have ceased their mirth:
There's nothing stirring in the house
Save one wee, hungry, nibbling mouse;
Then why, then why so busy thou!

Nay! start not at that sparkling light;
'Tis but the moon, that shines so bright,
On the window pane, be-dropped with rain;
Then little darling, sleep again!
And wake, and wake when it is day!

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