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My Dearest Heart
Author unknown.
Dedicated to Mrs. Osgood.
Published by Boosey & Co., 1876.

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Emma Aline Osgood was an American soprano who, after some initial success in her native Boston, came to England in 1875 to study Oratorio. She began to appear regularly on the concert platform the following year - the year Sullivan composed this song for her.

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All the dreaming is broken through,
Both what is done and undone I rue.
Nothing is steadfast, nothing is true,
But your love for me, and my love for you,
My dearest, dearest heart!

When the winds are loud, when the winds are low;
When the roses come, when the roses go,
One thought, one feeling is all I know,
My dearest, dearest heart!

The time is weary, the year is old,
And the light of the lily burns close to the mould:
The grave is cruel, the grave is cold,
But the other side is the city of gold,
My dearest heart!
My darling, darling, my darling heart!

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