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Thou Art Lost to Me
Words anonymous.
Dedicated to Mrs. Charles Freake.
Published by Boosey & Co., 1865.

Charles Freake was a builder and property developer who started work in South Kensington in 1861. As part of this development, he built St. Peter's Cranley Gardens, at his own expense, his wife laying the foundation stone on 21 July 1866. The church was consecrated on St. Peter's Day, 29 June 1867. Sullivan held the post of organist at the church from the day of its consecration until 1872.

Freake lived at 21 Cromwell Road where he put on lavish musical and theatrical events. His guests included The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh. Freake built the National Training School for Music at his own expense in 1874-5, and Sullivan was appointed its first Principal. This particular piece of public charity earned Freake a baronetcy in 1882, so that for the last two years of his life he was Sir Charles Freake.

Sullivan maintained his friendship with his widow who died a few weeks after Sullivan himself.

Karaoke File

Tho' we're parted by land and sea,
Tho' another thy love may be,
Heav'n defend thee,
Angels tend thee,
Tho' for ever thou'rt lost to me.

Tho' thou dwell'st on a foreign shore,
Tho' on earth we may meet no more,
Heav'n defend thee,
Angels tend thee,
Tho' for ever thou'rt lost to me.

Time shall cease,
And some day we shall be launched
Into eternity:
Then I'll meet thee,
Fondly greet thee,
And no more thou'lt be lost to me.

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