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Sweet Day, So Cool
Words by George Herbert (adapted).
Dedicated to Mrs. Goldschmidt (Jenny Lind).
Published by Metzler & Co., 1864.

Jenny Lind was very supportive of Sullivan early in his career: when he mounted a 'grand orchestral concert' to promote his work at St. James' Hall on 11 July 1866, Jenny Lind gave her support to the young Sullivan by appearing at the concert and singing this song.

Sullivan thought Jenny Lind was the greatest singer he had ever heard. He later recalled:

Her voice, which, as an organ, has never been equalled and surpassed, had an individual quality about it totally unlike anything else I have ever heard. She sang with a spirituality which moved one strangely. Her vocalisation, phrasing, and interpretation were absolutely perfect, but her power over one was due to an indefinable something in her beautiful voice which called forth the high tribute of deep emotion and real tears of sympathy. She was a rare woman and a great artist. I remember one occasion when she was quite an old woman, she came to visit me. It chanced that in the course of conversation I ran my fingers over the keys of the pianoforte, laying a little song of Mendelssohn, and I assure you that the sound of her voice had the same magical effect upon me - the tears came to one's eyes - so deep and true was the rare spirituality of her temperament.

Karaoke File

Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright,
The bridal of the earth and sky.
The dew shall weep thy fall tonight,
Shall weep thy fall tonight,
For thou must die.

Sweet rose, in air whose odours wave,
Whose hues delight the gazer's eye,
Thy root is ever in its grave,
Is ever in its grave,
Thou too must die.

Sweet spring of days and roses made,
Whose claims for love and beauty vie,
Thy days depart, thy roses fade
And all must die.

Only a pure and loving soul
Hath hues and sweets that never fly,
While flow'rs decay and seasons roll
It cannot die!
It cannot die!
Jenny Lind, about 1866
Jenny Lind

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