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Review of a Performance from The Times
Friday, February 7, 1908.

A concert was given by the Stock Exchange Orchestral and Choral Society on Wednesday night in the Queen’s-hall, when the programme contained a number of familiar pieces such as the overture to Ruy Blas, the march from Massenet’s Le Cid, and the overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor, and also the less familiar incidental music composed by Arthur Sullivan for The Merchant of Venice. Although the music is by no means as original as many of his other works, it is dainty and fresh and quite pleasant to listen to through a cloud of tobacco smoke.

The orchestra played it, as they played the other things, under Mr. Arthur Payne with neatness and with an infectious enthusiasm that communicated itself to the audience; throughout the evening they followed the beat admirably, and the only ragged playing occurred in one or two passages of accompaniment, when some of the strings had a unison phrase to themselves with which to finish a cadence.

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