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The Window


The Songs of the Wrens

Words by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Published by Strahan in 1871

The idea of Tennyson and Sullivan collaborating on a collection of songs on the model of Schubert's Die Schöne Müllerin was first put forward in 1866. It was eventually published in 1871. The full story of the gestation of this work is told in Paul Howarth's Introduction

Review from The Times, 16 December 1870.

The Songs

These MIDI song files were sequenced by Paul Howarth.

  1. On the Hill. – "The Lights and Shadows fly."
  2. At the Window. – "Vine, Vine and Eglantine."
  3. Gone ! – "Gone ! Gone till the end of the year."
  4. Winter. – "The Frost is here, and Fuel is dear."
  5. Spring. – "Birds' Love and Bird's Song."
  6. The Letter. – "Where is another Sweet as my Sweet?"
  7. No Answer. – "The Mist and the Rain."
  8. No Answer. – "Winds are loud and you are dumb."
  9. The Answer. – "Two little Hands that meet."
  10. When? – "Sun comes, Moon comes, Time slips away."
  11. Marriage Morning. – "Light so low upon Earth."

Karaoke Files

The MIDI files cn be downloaded in a single zip file and will play as Karaoke files using the Van Basco Karaoke player.

Vocal Score

The score may be purchased from Lulu.

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