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The Window

No. 6: The Letter

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The Letter Where is another, sweet as my sweet!
Such another beneath the sky?
Fine little hands,
Fine little feet,
Fine little heart and dewy blue eye.
Shall I write to her?
Shall I go?
Ask her to marry me by and by?
Somebody said that she'd say no,
But somebody knows that she'll say ay!
Ay, ay, Ay, ay, Ay, ay!

Ah, my lady, if asked to her face;
Might say no, for she is but shy.
Fly, little letter, apace, apace,
Down to the light in the valley fly.
Fly to the light in the valley below,
Tell my wish to her dewy blue eye;
For somebody said that she'd say no,
But she won't say no,
And I'll tell you why:
She will say ay, ay, ay!

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