The Zoo by Arthur Sullivan

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Song No. 1


MIDI Icon MIDI File 23K, 2 min. 40 seconds.

SCENE: The London Zoological Gardens. The bear pit. The Refreshment Stall
[Lyrics start 41 seconds into the MIDI file]

The British Public
The Pennine Players


(Walking about -- Looking into the Bear Pit -- Sitting at the Refreshment Stalls, etc.)

The British Public here you see,
The much abused and feared B.P.:
In all our native majesty--
We're here today.

We have opinions of our own,
And, if they're wrong, and so it's shown,
We never let the thing alone--
But peg away.

We've come to see the beasts today,
And if to enter we must pay,
It costs no more to go away--
So let us stay.

And when the lion's cage we seek,
No fear shall blanch our British cheek,
And, if the noble beast could speak--
What would he say?

He'd say -- in well-known English staves--
He'd say, "Britannia rules the waves,
And Britons never never will be slaves"--
Hurray! Hurray!

(The crowd separate, and Aesculapius Carboy is discovered on a chair with a rope round his neck, attached to the verandah of the Refreshment Stall.)

Off Monroe Players

Forbear! Rash one, we say, forbear!


Will somebody just kick the chair,
And let me dangle in the air?
I'm tired of life!


By all means hang yourself up high,
If that's the way you choose to die,
But let us know the reason why--
(Pause) Is it your wife?


No! Listen!

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