The Zoo by Arthur Sullivan

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Song No. 2


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I loved her fondly, and
Her father had been a grocer,
But when I sought her hand
He hastily answered, "No sir."
"Your offer I refuse;
If ever my girl should marry,
She'll marry whom I choose,
And not an apothecary."


He sternly did refuse
This poor young apothecary!


No meetings day or night,
No letters! with such restrictions.
At last I thought I might
Communicate in prescriptions.
By her whom I adore,
In token of love were taken,
The mixture as before,
I trust 'twas nicely shaken.

Ah! One day I saw arrive
A letter which from her sister,
Implored me to contrive
To send her Papa a blister.
What joy pervades my heart--
See vengeance is now arriving;
I'll scarify the part,
With devilish art contriving.


He scarified the part,
With devilish art contriving.

Pennine Players

A dose of peppermint,
I thought might please her rather,
I sent it her when I sent
The blister for her father.
But when I called next day
Bad fortune had turned the tables,
I much regret to say
My boy had changed the labels.

Ah! And now, my friends you see,
The reason for my emotion,
The draft of life for me
Has turned to a bitter potion.
I cannot but suppose
Of what happened you have a notion;
Her father used the dose,
And Laetitia took the lotion!


Her father used the dose,
And Laetitia took the lotion!

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