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Thady O'Flinn

The overture, like most of the music of Thespis, has been lost. However, some contemporary commentators considered it to be similar to Thady O'Flinn, a song with words by W. S. Gilbert.

The reviewer of The Standard (30th December 1871), speaking of the original production writes: "The Overture is the least satisfactory portion of the work. As it could not be intended to be original, we need not take the trouble of characterising it; it is sufficient to say the subject reminds us of Mr Molloy's popular song 'Thaddy O'Flinn' and might well be eliminated."

Vanity Fair reported that "Mr Sullivan's overture is scarcely worthy of him."

Selwyn Tillett and Roderic Spencer chose the "Dance of Nymphs & Satyrs" from L'ile Enchantee for the overture in their reconstruction of Thespis, but they also note that the opening chorus of Pirates, including its introduction and solo verses, might also fit the description. The solo verses "share a rhythmic and structural similarity with Thady."

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Thady O' Flinn, agin, and agin,
You said you loved me dearly
And sorra a bit I doubted it,
I thought you loved sincerely,
You said when we should married be
You'd make me quite a lady,
But now I find you've changed your mind,
Its ugly Norah Grady.

At Phelim's wake I saw ye take
Her hand with glances tinder
Tho' sorra a bit ye fancied it
I saw ye through the winder:
Your arm you placed around her waist,
Its little did she mind ye:
You call'd her dear right in her ear,
I wish I'd been behind ye.
Thady O' Flinn you vowed it thin,
You'd make me quite a lady,
But now I find you've changed your mind,
It's ugly Norah Grady.

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At Goolah fair, I saw you there
Along with Norah Grady;
It's sorra a bit ye fancied it,
But I persaived ye Thady,
I pity your taste your love to waste
On Norah so consaited,
Why I declare you're muttherin' there
As if you'd been ill treated.

There, go your ways, yourself to plaze,
You only need be throublin;
Ye think there's few as fine as you,
From here away to Dublin.
There's Pat Malone at least you'll own,
And Mike and Clanty Brady,
And Barney Bourke, and Terry O' Rourke:
I'm not in earnest Thady.

Now Thady dear, come sit ye here,
And listen a while to raisin,
It's sorra a bit, I mind the chit,
Sure I was only tazin;
It's you're the one to throw your fun
At ugly Norah Grady,
But don't begin and do it agin
Now there's a darlin' Thady!

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