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A Cryptic Puzzle from David Duffey

1. Annoyed with another 'en? Sounds like a hexhortation which makes SavoyNet go childish. (6)

2. Jury use part of common stereotype to describe The Defendant. (7)

3. Gave confused tenor charity? No, he helped a baritone. (4,8)

4. How, initially, judge obliged bridesmaids, or at least how he managed it. (3)

5. Sort of uses our 'at to get married in. (9)

6. Rear bulge about at the same time as King one and six. (9)

7. Play your trump, Ian, you rascal. (7)

8. Their smalls went about in a strange place to dance. (11,4)

9. He certainly did not get this dinner from an Ammonite or a Moabite (Deut 23:4). (5,3,5)

10. Defendant's heart ran gingerly? Only if the adverbial queen is removed. (7)

Anagrams from Sharon Brindle

1. womenfolk be her escort
2. theft and need
3. rather emigrate
4. maiden malice
5. afflictions felt upon her / fun of cleft relationship
6. forum enjoy crush
7. council entries
8. minstrels' wealth
9. perilous music lies
10. ejected no shams
11. been so inert
12. reverend cabins
13. copy up miniatures
14. any cabinet lie
15. toasted camel
16. tow my shortened goat
17. reproach some fib
18. jangled duet here
19. help faint fit
20. lock mutant teeth

(I have put two clues in for No 5 because they were both appropriate and I simply couldn't decide between them.)


Supplied by Steve Sullivan

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