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SOLI (Counsel & Usher) with CHORUS

"Swear Thou the Jury "

Midi Symbol MIDI File [5 KB, 1' 03 "]

Enter Counsel for the Plaintiff. He takes his place in the front row of Counsel's seats.

Swear thou the Jury!


Kneel, Jury men, oh, kneel!

All the Jury kneel in the Jury-box, and so are hidden from the audience.

The Jury (1919-20)
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The Jury

O, will you swear by yonder skies,
Whatever question may arise,
'Twixt rich and poor - 'twixt low and high,
That you will well and truly try.

Jury. (raising their hands which alone are visible)
To all of this we make reply,
To all of this we make reply,
By the dull slate of yonder sky:
That we will well and truly try.

Defendant, Counsel, Judge & Usher. Jury.
They will well and truly try! We'll try!

All rise with the last note.

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